Becoming Qualitative Researchers

Becoming Qualitative Researchers PDF Book Detail:
Author: Corrine Glesne
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780137047970
Size: 32.17 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Education
Languages : en
Pages : 317
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Book Description: This text offers a brief but comprehensive overview of qualitative research that balances the practicalities of conducting research with the theory and debates that keep qualitative inquiry vibrant. As faculty and students increasingly turn to qualitative inquiry, they need a text that will not only provide them with an understanding of qualitative research methods, but also open them to the diverse possibilities within this inquiry approach. This text covers the range of possibilities and includes numerous exercises that offer beginning students the opportunity to practice and refine the skills needed for qualitative research. The wealth of examples in the text is exceptional, as is the accessible and engaging writing style. New To This Edition: Suggested Readings and Exercises are added to the end of each chapter. A new Glossary of Key Terms introduces students to the meaning and use of important research terms. Chapter 1 is heavily revised to include an introduction to four research paradigms and their theoretical and philosophical underpinnings. Chapter 2 has a new section on research purposes. This change will assist students in creating their personal research foci. Chapters 3 and 4 have expanded discussions on use of internet and virtual reality sites in data collection. Chapter 3 has an expanded section on collection and use of visual data (photographs, maps, diagrams, etc.). Chapter 4 has an expanded discussion on technology for recording and transcribing interviews. This provides information on technological advances that can assist in the research process. Chapter 5 is heavily edited and revised, and now titled "Personal Dimensions: Field Relations and Reflexivity." More attention is given to feminist and poststructuralist challenges to prior conceptions of researcher-other relationships. Chapter 6 features a new ethics discussions on privacy and the internet and on representation. These discussions are intended to increase awareness of some of the ethical challenges posed by technology and by publishing. Chapter 9 is expanded to include discussions and new examples of autoethnography, ethnodrama, and poetic transcription. New examples and tables are added throughout the text. These additions assist students' understanding of accompanying discussions. What Students Are Saying: "Dr. Glesne encourages qualitative researchers to approach their data in fresh, dynamic ways, including poetic transcription and dramatic representation. These creative methods challenged me to examine my data using new perspectives, and allowed me to represent the voices of my participants more authentically."-- Bethany Rice (University of Vermont graduate student)

Graduate Students Becoming Qualitative Researchers

Graduate Students Becoming Qualitative Researchers PDF Book Detail:
Author: Char Ullman
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351616439
Size: 53.78 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : Education
Languages : en
Pages : 274
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Book Description: Through conducting an ethnographic study about doctoral students from traditionally underrepresented groups who are learning to conduct ethnographic research, this volume offers unique insight into the challenges and experiences through which these students develop their skills and identities as qualitative researchers. Foregrounding the stories and perspectives of students from minority backgrounds including Latinx, Black, differently abled, and queer students, Graduate Students Becoming Qualitative Researchers identifies how the process of learning to conduct ethnographic research underpins doctoral students’ success, confidence, and persistence in the academy. Chapters follow students during a one-year ethnographic research course during which they learn about ethnography, and also conduct observations, write field notes, interview participants, and gather artifacts. Offering important pedagogical insights into how ethnography and academic writing are communicated, the text also tackles questions of access and diversity within scholarship and highlights barriers to first-generation and minoritized students' success, including impostor syndrome, stereotype vulnerability, and access to time, knowledge, and capital. This volume will prove valuable to doctoral students, postgraduate researchers, scholars, and educators conducting qualitative research across the fields of education and rhetoric, as well as the humanities and social sciences. It will also appeal to those interested in multiculturalism and diversity within the education sector.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research PDF Book Detail:
Author: Sharon M. Ravitch
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1544333803
Size: 21.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : Social Science
Languages : en
Pages : 624
View: 5395

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Book Description: The second edition of Qualitative Research focuses on cultivating and bridging theoretical, methodological, and conceptual aspects to provide insight into their interactions in qualitative research. This comprehensive text helps students understand the central concepts, topics, and skills necessary to engage in rigorous, valid, and respectful qualitative research. Authors Sharon M. Ravitch and Nicole Mittenfelner Carl have written this text with student researchers in mind, balancing communicating the foundations and processes of qualitative research with clarity and simplicity while also capturing its complexity and layers. Whether students are new to qualitative research or not, this book will help students develop and deepen their understanding of an approach to research that seeks, designs for, and engages criticality in research. The new edition of this book includes a more prominently-placed and expanded discussion of research ethics as crucial to students′ inquiry, more information on reflexivity in data collection and individual methods for qualitative data collection, a more in-depth chapter on coding and other types of qualitative data analysis, and more thorough resource sections including connections to the extensive appendices so students can further their qualitative research journey. Included with this title: The password-protected Instructor Resource Site (formally known as SAGE Edge) offers access to all text-specific resources, including a test bank and editable, chapter-specific PowerPoint® slides. Learn more.

Models Of Qualitative Research

Models of Qualitative Research PDF Book Detail:
Author: Colleen M. Conway
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0190920971
Size: 46.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Education
Languages : en
Pages : 296
View: 2440

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Book Description: "Music education researchers who are looking to understand the "dim secrets that startle our wonder" look to qualitative research. Approaches to Qualitative Research: An Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Research in American Music Education is a resource for music education researchers, music education graduate students, and P-16 music teachers. I begin this Preface by locating qualitative research in music education within the larger field of qualitative research in social sciences and humanities research, within qualitative research in education, and within music education research in general"--

Designing Qualitative Research

Designing Qualitative Research PDF Book Detail:
Author: Catherine Marshall
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 141297044X
Size: 20.52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Social Science
Languages : en
Pages : 321
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Book Description: This popular text provides useful and pragmatic guidance for developing and successfully defending proposals for qualitative inquiry. The Fifth Edition addresses the advances and challenges presented by developments and new applications while providing direct guidance. Focusing on the proposal stage of research, this edition allows the reader to have a clear plan for data analysis and for the challenging varieties of final reports of qualitative inquiries. The new edition includes expanded coverage of ethics, analysis processes, and approaches, and is full of updated vignettes that illustrate the methodological challenges that face today's qualitative researcher. This edition also includes discussions about distance-based research (such as email interviews and online discussion groups), the implications of postmodern turns, integrating archival material in qualitative research, and creative ways of presenting the research. This text is an invaluable resource to teachers and students of research methods across disciplines and is a must for the library of those using qualitative approaches.

Qualitative Research For The Information Professional

Qualitative Research for the Information Professional PDF Book Detail:
Author: G. E. Gorman
Publisher: Library Association Publishing (UK)
Size: 79.20 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Category : Information science
Languages : en
Pages : 287
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Book Description: This is an integrated manual on how to conduct qualitative research. Its coverage includes all aspects of the field from conception to completion and all areas from multisite studies to data organization. The book features many examples and case studies and a manual of practice.

Qualitative Research Design For Software Users

Qualitative Research Design for Software Users PDF Book Detail:
Author: Silvana di Gregorio
Publisher: Open University Press
Size: 68.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Computers
Languages : en
Pages : 272
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Book Description: “Di Gregorio & Davidson provide an essential guide for qualitative researchers who wish to get to grips with the potential of software packages for handling qualitative data, research design and ethical and privacy issues ... The authors open up new ground … by integrating the discussion of qualitative data analysis software into the wider context of methodological practice. The authors' arguments and general approach are illustrated in an accessible and engaging manner through the use of detailed case studies of qualitative research using a range of software packages. A smooth read, crammed full of invaluable advice and 'best practice' guidelines and checklists…” Derek Layder, University of Leicester, UK This book is an essential guide for anyone using qualitative data analysis software (QDAS), particularly useful for those who want to go beyond a basic introduction to discover how to get the most out of software and how to identify the methodological issues they need to consider. The book is organized in three parts – the first part addresses the methodological issues that need to be addressed when designing qualitative research using QDAS; the second part uses case studies to demonstrate the issues and the design framework introduced in the first part. These chapters are supported by numerous screenshots illustrating the software under discussion. The last part contains practical appendices to help readers apply the framework introduced to their own research. Di Gregorio and Davidson introduce: The notion of the E-Project or electronic project as a genre A framework for representing the research design of a project in any QDAS package Ethical considerations when working in QDAS A variety of contextual issues including national and organizational differences Eight real research projects of a variety of designs and using different QDAS (ATLAS.ti, MAXqda, NVIVO, and XSight) Separate checklists for ATLAS.ti, MAXqda, NVIVO, and XSight, providing practical help in applying the research design framework presented in the book Uniquely, the book examines issues related to both academic and non-academic uses of QDAS. Qualitative Research Design for Software Users is a useful reference for upper level students, academics and researchers across a range of disciplines.

Qualitative Research Design

Qualitative Research Design PDF Book Detail:
Author: Joseph Alex Maxwell
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Incorporated
Size: 45.42 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : Science
Languages : en
Pages : 153
View: 6010

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Book Description: This invaluable book presents an innovative approach to qualitative design that emphasizes the components of a design and how these interact with each other and the environment in which the study is situated. A clear strategy for creating coherent and workable relationships among these design components is provided and key design issues are highlighted. These design issues include: clarifying the purposes of the study; creating a theoretical context for the research; formulating research questions; developing a relationship with the people being studied; making decisions about sampling, data collection and analysis; and assessing validity threats and alternative explanations to the study's conclusions. In addition, the book explains how

Qualitative Research For Education

Qualitative Research for Education PDF Book Detail:
Author: Robert Bogdan
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Size: 30.81 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Education
Languages : en
Pages : 291
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Book Description: Provides readers with the necessary background information needed for understanding the uses of qualitative research in education. This new edition places qualitative research within current debates about research methods and alternative ways of knowing.